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Van Milder

The movie Van Wilder leads me to think that there are no truly unique life experiences. Seeing my feelings about college echoed by the main character validates them, but also makes them seem cheaper. It's been a long time since I've watched a good cathartic comedy; it was worth losing sleep over.

I'm halfway through the twenty-four hour shift, just over sixteen hours away from the camping trip that tick043, mister_biv, curlycutie, Ryan, Missy, Theresa, and I are going on. Of course, coell may still RSVP, making us eight in total. I've never walked the Mackinac Bridge before, I hope we all have a good time.

In other news, I gave my first campus tour the other day. It was a good time, and I felt I did okay. Good thing the tour route is a big circle, though, because I forgot to talk about a building. Which building you ask . . .?

I forgot to talk about Warriner. Please, stop laughing. The building where the tour starts, and I forgot to say anything about it. I'm such a dork. I didn't trip once, though (even though I did almost collide with a fake plant and a photocopier), and even managed to get a few personal anecdotes in. Fire up for the current oldest Campus Ambassador!

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