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Sunday double feature

The eternal question, do homework or watch TV?

I watched tv for awhile, who's surprised. I watched two movies I've never seen before

Inventing the Abbotts
I didn't really care for this movie, except to look at Billy Crudup and Joaquin Phoenix. Is it just me, or does Gladiator paint JP in an overly flattering light, he never looks as good in any other film.

Say Anything
It's odd that I've never seen this movie before now. Wow, it was amazing. The Cort family dynamic was so realistic, how people can pull together as a family but still be lost in their individual reverie. I'm tempted to go rent it and watch it again to examine subtext.

SATC season finale 9p, everyone is welcome. curlycutie, your attendance is mandatory. I finally saw the preview a few minutes ago, I think I'm going to be real cranky where they are leaving the series at during hiatus.


Sep. 9th, 2002 01:45 pm (UTC)
Guess who had to work and now has two episodes to catch up on???

Maybe I'll see you sometime this week OTHER than class. That would be fun.