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Close encounters of the EWWW kind

In the computer lab this morning, I got the unique priviledge of sharing the teeny bathroom with the campus mail guy. Long time followers of the Stewart show know this is the same guy I insulted a few years back when I asked him how his holiday was (either Halloween or Thanksgiving, I don't remember) and found out he was a Jehoviah's Witness.

He doesn't use soap when he washes his hands. He probably only used water because I was washing my hands.

Note to self: spray all campus mail with Lysol before handling


Sep. 12th, 2002 02:12 pm (UTC)
I wanted to reply to "all the kings horses..." are you for real? I was way confused by it all. You have a chance at a great promotion? Dude, take it. Can you accept that the universe is giving you a sign? Things don't always turn out the way that they did in the past.
Ok.... your stepdad. are you for real again? did he send your mom to the hospital? If so that's really shitty. I hate people who do that. And I am really sorry.
Like I said, I really couldn't tell if your post was real or not. If it is, please know that you have a friend. Call me anytime if you need someone.