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I've become "that" guy

Vacation was great, but you always have to come home again.

If today gets any worse I'm going to bed until next week!

Ginny, the agency brown-noser, put in for the Coordinator position, too. Mahrah, the supervisor who's leaving, told her supervisor point blank that he would lose most of us if they hired her. She's right, we can barely stand working with Ginny, let alone for her. Like that is going to stop Don and Al from doing it anyway.

Wade put in for it, too. It's funny, I thought that working for Wade would be an absolute nightmare. He's nothing compared to Ginny.

I really think Monette is sick, and I'm sick to death of Jason whining about him.

Financial Aid decided I owe them 1800. When I spoke with them, they changed it to 400. There goes the buffer money.

I haven't called home since last week. I can't hide from them much longer.

God I'm whiny, but I don't know how else to deal with this right now. Forgive me, please.

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