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Synchronicity or coincidence?

Looking at the events of the last week, comparing it to conversations with other people, I have started to examine some of my beliefs about the world. As a psychology major, I've become something of a cynic, less inclined to believe in mystical explanations of events. But yet, I still try to experiment with tools such as tarot cards. Based on my reflections tonight, I think I am prepared to recomit to some mysticism. And now to my point . . .

Do you feel that we are somehow all connected? Is there a collective consciousness? If so, how do we utilize it to make the world a better place? There is always the trite, "we must be the change we want to see" but I'm looking for something more than that. How do we choose to not let it effect us negatively?
I want to spend some time with this this weekend, as we are discussing Jung (he coined the term synchronicity) in my Theories class on Tuesday, and I want to explore this, hoping to integrate this concept with my self-concept of therapist.

Any thoughts? I was going to just put out a poll, but thought better of it. What does this post make you think about? This request from our "collective" will hopefully prove synchronistic for me! I'm weird tonight.

P.S. I got into the Counseling Program!!! Now I have to fill out the paperwork to go from Conditional to Regular admission. If they approve me for Regular admission for next semester, I can apply for back aid for this semester, and thumb my nose at Financial Aid's 1800 bill.

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