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Home on the derranged

Last night was a great night at home

Enterprise kicked ass! I am really convinced that this series is going to be great, especially with what they are doing to develop T'Pol. What a little heart wrenching moment at the end of the episode! Does anyone have the first season on tape, I missed the second half of the season (it was on opposite Six Feet Under episodes I hadn't seen), and am now regretting it.

Kingdom Hearts is really fun. At first I liked it, then it irritated me, and now I'm in love again. Gummi ship building has become my fascination! I've spent over two hours working on my ship design, which looks a lot like the Shuttle Endeavor, but with lasers and big cannons. It is really confusing at first, but now that I have the hang of it, I'm a force to be reckoned with in the Disney universe. My roommates and I are going to build a Borg Cube next (I also have plans for a Borg Sphere and the Queen's ship, also), and maybe one that looks like the disney symbol. I'm a gummi ship building freak! I wish there was a way to export blueprints so I could share them with the world.

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