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Say it with me now

People are stupid

Woman just calls (just a refresher for the fans, it is 12:10 AM!)
"Is (name of her therapist) there?"
"I'm sorry, mental health is closed"
"Oh, I thought they were open 24 hours"
"No, they open at 8am" I go on to see if she is having an emergency
"Thanks, I'll try back later"

Do people honestly think their therapist would be at work at 12:10AM? Two words: Reality Therapy (not really in the way Ellis uses it, mind you. But it's the right sentiment)

As soon as my decongestant kicks in, I'm off to bed.

P.S. Reading my comments on the previous post, I realize that I may have suggested that I was in a porn. EWWWWWWW. Of course, since I wrote that post in a self-medicated haze (I've been combining decongestant with my leftover pain meds from the recent dental work for maximum effect) I have no idea what I really wanted to say.
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