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Seeking observation

I am starting to wonder if I am too academic.

No, wait, not in the way you're thinking. Many of you have seen me in class, or, more accurately, NOT seen me in class enough to know that I don't mean that I spend too much time in educational pursuits.

I am talking about my approach to life.

I seem to measure every aspect of my life, developing critical opinions from which I derive joy. Let's look at examples

Musical Theater. Name a show, and I can tell you about its plot, characterization, cultural/social relevance, maybe even Tonys received. By taking the show apart and looking at all the little inside pieces, I am happy.

Movies. Leaving Mulholland Drive the other day, the first thing out of my mouth is about the use of electric blue (see my earlier post if you want some background). Once again the joy is in the analysis.

Dance. Anyone who has ever made the mistake of mentioning dance while I'm drunk can attest to this one. Who's up for a discussion on turnout?

My friends. Motivations, behaviors, hairstyle preferences. Let me tell you about . . .

This Journal. Who else counts the number of times they use SO?

I think you get the point I'm trying to make. Now on to my question . . .

Am I missing something? In the past, people have reacted poorly to my approach to movies, whatever, like I'm missing the entire point of the exercise.

So, in your opinion, am I? Is there something flawed in my fundamental approach to life? Someone once said life is in the details, were they full of poo?

I'm just interested in everyone's take on this, I'm not saying that my approach is bad. After all, it has worked for me this long. On the other hand, I got through the first five years of playing the clarinet without properly tonguing (no one noticed until I started private lessons(the director was a drummer)) so survival doesn't always equate with success.

good night

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