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Is this true?

Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?

brought to you by Quizilla

Is this me? Am I narcissistic? Do I hold my friends to a high standard?

Time for a poll!
Poll #66832 Tell me about myself!

Am I narcissistic?

Yes! Thank god you finally noticed.
I refuse to answer on the grounds that you will hold a grudge and hate me if I tell the truth
No, a little self-interest is healthy
Why is it always about you? Why can't it ever be about me!?!

Am I over-critical of my friends?

Who needs a job on Wall Street when I have the pressure from being your friend?
I wouldn't know, as you stopped talking to me after I embarassed you in public
Let's just say you and Martha Stewart have more in common than just the spelling of your name
No, you may be mildly caustic, but you aren't overcritical
No, you little Pooh Bear you!(warning: this answer may effect friendship)

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