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T-minus Two Weeks

I haven't written in forever, so I'll take a minute for a little life bulimia. Today marks the beginning of the two week countdown to Western. Well, it actually starts tomorrow, but who wants to be picky. The day is over half over. The last Thursday in June, my last Thursday in Mount Pleasant. It is hard to be sad about leaving; my life won’t slow down enough so I can reflect on the experience. But I guess I’ll have my whole life to do that.

I am in love with the financial aid office. Out of the blue, after they had already told me that they weren’t giving my any aid for the summer, they drop a $1000 present in my account. Bless you, OSFA.

Which brings me around to the main topic of this diatribe. I am leaving CMU in two weeks, and I take with me mixed feelings about this establishment. Some people who work on this campus make it their life’s work to make it difficult to be a student, and to those people, I say “Go to hell. No, wait, you already work there!” Like the librarian (if you have heard this story in one of the 12,000 times I’ve told it, I ask you to forgive the recapitulation) who, when she found out that I didn’t have my chip card with me, treated me like I was the scum of the earth, unworthy of her time and certainly not deserving of the item she held within two feet of me, the item that I had to photocopy before I went to work in an hour if I had any hope of keeping up with the insane pace of my three-week five-hundred-level class. Like everyone in the Student Service Court, except for Connie, who think that rudeness is a skill that must be perfected with daily practice. One of my favorite examples of this attitude is when you have to do the CMU obstacle course. Who hasn’t heard the phrase, “Oh, for your problem, you have to go to the [insert farthest office from the one you are currently at] office.”? But it hasn’t been all bad. I have briefly mentioned Connie, the goddess among trolls in the SSC, but she is joined on my list of good people by most of the staff of Academic Advising, many of the people in Financial Aid, especially the lady (I think her name is Judy or Becky, she’s the one with all the Elvis stuff) who helped me fill out a form for Americorps when she could have just told me to do it myself, and some of my coworkers in the office of Residence Life. All these people, good and bad, have shaped my career path. I want to spend the rest of my life in student affairs, combating the jerkfaces, supporting the people who share my vision of student-focused educational services.

Well, I think that’s enough, I have to study now.

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