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A good time was had by all

Last night was great. A little pre-partying at home while I watched Star Trek: Nemesis on tv (what can I say? With the new Voyager schedule, I'm forced to get my trek fix in other ways!), then off to the land of cynosure, mojomuze, and cmuguy76 for some "social interaction". I needed to just hang out with great people and soak up some great music for a while. Of course, I also soaked up a wholelotta alcohol (a big thanks to my roomate who DDed for me and went back to the house for my vodka when I wanted another screwdriver). Another big thanks to nickslickerton for the most amazing grilled cheese I've ever eaten while drunk.

In fact, the only two low spots to last night were quelita's absence and my bit o' nausea when I got home (which I fixed with some water and an Advil).

Time to clean the house a little bit, since I slept through the trip to lansing with tick043, mister_biv, curlycutie, and reeselove. If anyone wants to visit, you know where I am.

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