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Check out the new soap opera!

We haven't named it yet(I'm thinking Daze of our lives), but we've decided that our apartment and our neighbor's make up a perfect formula soap. Get Aaron Spelling on the phone!

Too bad I'm the token gay guy, because they never get laid. We're typecast as moody and hard working. Well, I've got moody pretty well licked.

Well, in tonight's episode . . .
The roomates get into a fight, and they decide to bring the fallout here to me at work! Jeremy, the overdramatic youth, apologizes for pissing me off the other night (with irritates me because Jason, half of the token couple, decided to bring my business up while I wasn't there), and in turn receives some sage advice from the introspective token gay guy (who obviously spends all his not-getting-laid time thinking).

We need a theme song. Of course my vote, given my current obsessions, is either The Penis Song or something Joni Mitchell.

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