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Has anyone seen my ability to concentrate?

I slept for over fifteen hours! Now, I can't focus to save my life. I don't feel tired, or sick, but I'm easily irritated and I can't seem to follow a train of thought much farther than the engine.

Just got to work, and the evil walk-in came in. She's lucky Wade dealt with her. She told my co-worker the other day that "If I was a sorority whore like you, spreading my legs for everyone, I wouldn't have any problem finding a place to stay", and as far as I'm concerned, it is now my goal in life to see she never receives assistance from another human service agency in Isabella county. Of course, she's already done my work for me, as she's barred from almost every place in town. We love our Borderlines!

Jeremy has decided that he doesn't need to pay the phone bill anymore, as he doesn't really use it. The war is on. I can't wait until he's sitting across from me in the living room, I answer the phone, and tell the caller, "I'm sorry, Jeremy doesn't have local phone service, you'll have to call his cell phone" and hang up on them.

God I'm cranky today. As if it weren't obvious.


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Oct. 24th, 2002 07:38 pm (UTC)
No! Everyone must pay!!!! *Grrrrr* That fucking dave-matthews-loving piece of shit looozah!

Remember my bitch-ass roommate Bethany? I asked her to move out and she took her damn sweet time looking for a new place. I never watch tv, so I asked to not pay 1/4 the cable bill. No one was too into that idea, so I asked them to shut it off completely. We were in college, tv was a distraction and it costs too much! Two of the women were okay with it since they didn't watch it much either, but Bethany insisted we keep it and still share the cost. I told her to fuck off and get her own damn cable -- or move out (like we asked her to -- four weeks earlier!) She continued being a cunt... so I stopped paying the bill.

A month later, the cable company started harassing me for the money, I told them no one had given me their parts, so I wasn't paying. They threatened to shut it off.... (*enter evil thoughts*) so I told them to go right ahead!!! The guy came out that afternoon and turned it off. That night, when Bethany got home, she and her boyfriend went straight into her room, but quickly came back out and asked indignantly, "What the fuck happened to the cable???"

I told her that since I stopped paying the bill, they shut if off. "Get your own damn cable, or move out like we asked you -- to two months ago." To which she kindly replied, "Fuck off, Cynthia!" and went back into her room to pout.

The next Saturday she was packed and gone. No forwarding address, none of her late-bill-money, no phone number, didn't clean her empty room -- just gone. Our rent was pre-paid for the last four months of our lease, so we happily we moved the TV and couches into her bedroom and made it a living room! Hee hoo!

(Two months later, she called to bitch me out for using her room for the tv and not paying her the rent money. Technically, she owned that room for the next four months and we had to pay to put anything in there. I told her to fuck off and if it was still her room, she had to pay her share of the bills again, plus the two months she dissed us on when she bailed, plus she had to come clean it. I haven't heard from her in years. >:-)
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