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Have I found it?

I think I may have a subject for my NaNoWriMo book.

It's fanfiction, of a sort, but bear with me.

Star Trek: Voyager, fanfiction.

I was thinking tonight about what the Doctor should do, now that he's back in federation space. It seems too restrictive to expect him to just become an emergency medical hologram for some other Chief Medical Officer. I'm also not happy just making him CMO on a ship. So I started thinking . . .

What if they assign him to supervise the modification of the other Mark I EMHs? He has proven himself a valuable senior officer, so there is no reason why the other Mark Is should continue to be Dilithium miners. They may not be able to make another Data, but they have something almost as valuable mining dilithium like grunts. If the Dastrom Institute manages to recreate the mobile emitter, the Mark Is will be invaluable. Starfleet needs good officers if they are ever going to bounce back from the Dominion.

Who should go with him to help? Barclay? Data? Dr Zimmermann? Since it was under her command that the Doctor blossomed, one of Janeway's responsibilities as Admiral should be to oversee this project, but I almost want to see how the Doctor will fare without her support. Maybe I'm just afraid to try to write Janeway!

I think there may be a book here.

So does this completely suck? Is there a book here? I need support/suggestions/raspberries (preferably more of the former than the latter).

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