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Mandatory Reading!

Read this post about life in your mid twenties

Other thoughts:
Saw the Ring tonight. Good movie.

The Joan Armatrading version of Weakness in Me is nothing compared to the definitive Etheridge version.


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Oct. 27th, 2002 05:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks for linking to that. It made me feel very much less alone.

25 is so fucking soon.

Me be so not ready.
Oct. 27th, 2002 07:29 pm (UTC)
25? Mere babes!

Read the post hapgood and recognized some of it from my own experience. Recalled my late 20's being the absolute worst time of my life. All that angst does really settle in after school, which didn't come for me until age 25. We unfortunately expect too much out of people at an early age. I think we should make room and acceptance for those folk who need to just wander around in their 20's, testing and trying, finding what fits without life-altering commitment. There are those who know from a very early age what they want, but I think those folks are few and far between (not to mention blessed). But so many people feel like they have to get on top of things some way, any way, and our culture does put the pressure on to do so. (As an aside: I was so sick over the report this summer about declining female fertility after age 25......my apologies to those that are, but that's all we need, more unsure, untried early 20-something parents. I needed to raise myself first, so for me, I thank God I was smart enough not to have a child at that age.)

I was so happy on my 30th birthday. I had always been what other people call an "old soul", so I thought things would get better, at least on a confidence level. But it didn't, at least not for a while....things were just magnified due to the advancing age. It gets better in some ways, and it gets worse in some ways. But as they say, getting older is definitely better than the alternative. I've finally found some balance, at age 34 and I am looking forward to my late 30's with great enthusiasm, if not for the sheer fact that I've managed to stay on my feet all this time.

And after seeing Demi Moore on the cover of People magazine today, I am thinking that the 40's are going to be even better. God, she looks self-possessed and happy!
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