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I'm a sucker for a redemption parable

With nothing better to do at work (you can only look at about 5000 different recipes for Jello shots before that gets boring), I decided to watch Angel Eyes, a J-Lo movie I had never planned to watch, as people told me it sucked. From Jello to J-Lo, Tee-Hee.

I loved it.

Let me repeat that. I loved it. I always thought it was some stupid horror/suspense flick. What I got instead was a great human condition movie, where people and life aren't perfect and an easy answer for everything doesn't exist. It was no Joy Luck Club(since it is the greatest movie, ever) but I could definitely see myself watching it again someday.

If anyone has any film suggestions for people who love this movie, let me know.

P.S. From a psych major point of view, I have to believe that this screenplay was written by a therapist. The dialogue at the end was textbook therapeutic breakthrough.

UPDATE(or P.P.S.) Billy from Six Feet Under was in it too. Yum!

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