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You take the good, you take the bad

It definitely takes forethought to have the overweight fag Campus Ambassador give the tour for the Hale Advanced PE class. My favorite moment was when we were walking past Barnes Hall and the TEACHER, an alumnus of CMU, comments, "that's where the band fags lived"

And I didn't say anything. I let the fact that I was representing the admissions department silence me, unsure of how Jennifer would want me to respond.

So now I feel like a piece of shit for not confronting him. It didn't help that Mike Camillari acted disappointed when I related the story to him (he was working desk when I took them in for lunch). According to him, my confrontation with him last year was very meaningful.

I'll get Jennifer's opinion first, but I don't plan on letting shit like that slide ever again, whether I have her blessing or not.

UPDATE: Just spoke with Jennifer, who felt that, given the dynamic, it was more appropriate not to confront. I feel better about it, but think that if I had it to do over again, I would have pulled the teacher aside and shared my thoughts with him as the kids went into lunch. Like I told Jennifer, I want to tell him, "If you're going to say shit like that, don't say you are Central alum, we don't want to claim you. Say you're from Eastern!"

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