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My crisis from this weekend

I've let this mull around my mind, choosing not to share it because part of me believes my conclusion. Stuck at work with little else to do, I can't get away from it.

I think I had small breakdown in a bookstore this weekend. Mike, Melissa, and I were in the new Schuller's in Lansing and I couldn't get excited about anything, I just wandered aimlessly.

Until I saw it. Sitting on its shelf, covered in faux alligator leather, giving me the book equivalent of a come hither eyebrow. The new Sex and the City book. I picked it up, which was a huge mistake, because this book has content! Full of info about episodes, characters, even the men the girls have dated, this is one of the best tv concordances I have ever seen.

And then I panic. I'm standing in the middle of one of the best bookstores Michigan has to offer, and the only thing that gets me mentally erect is a book about television? Does that make me a shallow person? This is my dilemma. People criticize television for being mentally bankrupt, the stupid person's thought piece. I don't want to think of myself as stupid, but does my behavior shout that to the world? Am I stupid?

Television makes me so happy, but I feel guilty about my obsession. I try to tell myself that it's just the extended characterization that excites me, after all, longer fantasy series give me the same feeling, but fantasy novels aren't exactly given critical acclaim, either.

So I put the book back, my conscience and the $40 price tag being two hurdles that I couldn't manage to get over. I wandered around the store until M&M were ready, the only other thing in store that drew my attention was the super cute employee.

Is this as petty as it sounds? Obviously I have to deal with it, because it's bothering me greatly. I need your thoughts. Some of you have witnessed my television obsession, either by discussing TV with me or observing me while I'm watching. Some of you have had social plans changed because I had to watch Seska betray Janeway! Do I need help?

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