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Should we just let Life Happen?

Does Tammy Cochran's song, Life Happened, depress the hell out of anyone else?

For those who don't listen to country
From the time she was 13
Julie Thompson had a dream
Someday she would see her name in lights
And after every High School play
The grown-ups all would say
That Julie's future sure is lookin' bright
Well I saw her selling videos at a store in Eastland mall
I said why aren't you in Hollywood taking casting calls
She handed me my change and started laughing

And said Life happened
Me and Bobby Chapman fell in love
Daddy passed away and the babies came
And drama school was just too much
Now there's little league and mouths to feed and I direct a Kindergarten Christmas pageant
Life happened

Curtis had an old Chevelle
The cops knew that car well
He never lost a race on Windy Hollow Road
By the time he turned 18
He was a Georgia dirt track king
Proudly sponsored by the local Texaco
I bumped into him at Murphy's bar
And he ordered us a round
I said, "Why aren't you in Rockingham chasing Gordon down?"
He killed his drink and tore the corners off his napkin

And said Life happened
I was driving home from Athens late one night
A trucker fell asleep and swapped paint with me
He said, "I rolled that van at least 5 times
Now I thank my stars
And I sell used cars
And I teach drivers Education at Saint Catherine's.
Yeah Life happened"

I saw the rest of my old Friends
At our reunion at the Holiday inn
And it seemed like it was only yesterday
Standing in the gym in our cap and gown full of wonder, lust, and glory bound
We set out to chase our dreams on wings of passion
But somewhere along the way we got distracted

Life happened
The clothes went out of fashion with our songs
We started families and bought SUV's
Became step-dads
And Soccer moms
I finally realized we turned out all right
And we spent the night just catching up and dancing,
And Life happened

Reading the lyrics, it doesn't make me as sad, but the video usually tears me up (I really have to set the TV to some other channel than CMT to wake me up. VH1 doesn't play sad crap in the morning). I don't want to accept the idea that it is okay to bargain away your dreams for "good enoughs". I don't want good enoughs for myself and my high school friends.

I look at us and wonder if we are already settling for less. When we graduated, we thought we were special, that we had somehow escaped the small town taint that effected most of our graduating class. Now, none of us are working in or pursuing our original career goals, we've all had to look at failure in the face, something we never had to do at Delton-Kellogg High School. Maybe the Delton Cursetm got us, too, but it does seem like "we all turned out okay".

Nothing like trying to argue a point, and having your argument actually change your mind.

Have a great day, everyone


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Nov. 6th, 2002 09:48 am (UTC)
That song depresses the hell out of me. But... I must look at my overall outlook on life. and that is everything happens for a reason. We may not know what that reason is right away, but there is a reason and it is for the good of your life. Sometimes, the only reason is to learn a lesson. I think that in that song she focuses on deemed "negative" things. However, having a family (yes granted her dad died and that is sad)and directing christmas pagents for your kids is not a bad thing. Who knows, maybe she would have gone to Hollywood and realized that it's a tough world there. Hollywood isn't in a safe area of town either. At least the part where starting actors and actresses live cuz they can't afford much. She may have gone out there and gotten killed, you never know. They guy who was in the car wreck. I agree, he should be thanking his lucky stars to be alive after that. That's a downfall with the trucking business. They are paid on how many miles they can drive so they drive at night or like maniacs and put others at risk. However, I feel that he feels let down because he is taking a pity attitude and not trying to get back to what he loved.
When I graduated High School I definately thought that I was going to be going down a different track. And yes, I was special then. However, I am now very glad that I have chosen the path I did for myself. Hell if I had stayed with my dreams then, I would now be in my second year of medical school and probably married to Mike Mattingly. Let's just say that I'm relieved. If I had stuck with my dreams in 2000, look where I would have been. Dreams change, and I think that we need to be able to change with them. When life throws you the lemons you have to be ready to make lemonaide. Change isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just a part of life. I also don't think that we are settling for less. I think that our perception is that of less merely because it was not our original intent. Therefore, we deem it less notable. Ya know what I'm saying?
Ok... so I've rambled on for a long way. But I personally think that the most depressing part of the song is at the end when she says "bought SUVs". But we don't need to get into that!
Nov. 6th, 2002 05:18 pm (UTC)
That song depresses the shit out of me. Maybe life really is about the distractions - but I like to think that dreams are worthwhile, real, and possible. Life happens despite us sometimes; that doesn't mean we have to write a depressing song about eveyone we know giving up their dreams. Sigh.
Nov. 7th, 2002 06:18 am (UTC)
*sob* -- *adds to memories*
Part depressing... but more inspirational for me. *signs up for ENGL 102 at Mott Community College*
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