Dr. Hapgood, your cruise director (hapgood) wrote,
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Off to bed

Just tweaked my LJ Interests. I'm trying to make the 150 interests as a whole accurately reflect me as a person. I'm not there yet, but I'm significantly happier now that I've changed six of them. I plan on changing my bio this weekend, so I blanked it out (can you feel the mounting anticipation?).

I have to give a tour at 1p tomorrow, so I need to shave and hit the hay.

Goodnight, everyone. Thanks for making another day special for me.

P.S. steffer71, I can't call you because I deleted your phone number email, and all I can remember is your old cell phone number. My roomates cleared the Caller ID the other day before I could look it up that way. Call back and leave your number, or email it to me.
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