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The Spoontm has a new weapon

I actually found a Metal Spork. I can't wait until Friday (payday) so I can order one for me and one for my coworker Theresa, who evangelizes about how great a metal spork would actually be.

Other thoughts . . .
Had to stop by McDonald's on the way to work, as they screwed up earlier and gave me apple pies when I wanted fuckin* pies.

I actually have the air conditioning on at work. Don't tell Don. It's just for a minute to pull the moisture out of the air (it's sooo humid in here), but I thought it weird enough to share.

I'm compiling a list of Songs that would be on my CD if I ever made one. Well, I'm actually making two lists, one of songs that actually sound good in my voice, one of songs I wish sounded good in my voice(*cough* King of the World *cough*). Not that I actually think I'm recording quality or anything, but a boy can dream (and with the right computer setup . . .)

I'm working from now until noon, but since I slept until almost 2p today, I doubt I'll sleep much while I'm here. Call me if you're bored (989.772.2918), but please don't if you're going to prank me. I had kids call the MH line the other day and ask me if we rented "retards". I was very offended, but had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing at their audacity.

well, that's enough of the hapgood play by play. Have a good night, kids.

*fuckin=pumpkin from a story that a friend of steffer71 related to the two of us about a little girl who misheard a lyric in Sleighride (pass around the coffee and the Fuh-Kin pie). It will be fuckin pie from here on out, if only to get a chance to tell this story over and over (you got the abbreviated I-really-don't-want-to-type-out-the-whole-debacle version)

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