Dr. Hapgood, your cruise director (hapgood) wrote,
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My heart is broken

I don't know what was worse, watching her fall, or having all my friends that were in the room with me laugh at me over it.

They just don't understand. There are some moments when I can't separate my emotional state from those around me. Figure skating is one of those moments.

Seeing the pain in Michelle's eyes, I'm now crying. Fuck.

Do you see the look in Irena's eyes? I swear she's thinking, "At least I beat Michelle." Bitch

Damn NBC sensational-pseudo news. Cameras locked on Michelle, waiting to see if she'll break down. Could this Olympic coverage get any more pathetic? I wish we still got the CBC (Canada). Their coverage is sooo much better. At least I can watch it off-campus.

I think I need a drink
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