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Oh yeah, we got a talk show now

We talk about dangerous things
like giant, killer nectarines

Today, my tour sparked a huge high school memory. As usual, when people hear my name, they can't resist shortening it to Stew, or worse, Stewy. One person on my tour decided to take it a step further, and called me louie. Cue memory footage . . .

In High School, I was your typical band nerd (I've since realized that my seven years of clarinet playing were just preparation for things I would rather have in my mouth!) with your typical band nerd friends. Over the course of marching season my freshman year, my friends rewrote the words to Louie, Louie, creating the theme song to a talk show hosted by yours truly. The line above is from the song (a marching instructor thought I needed coercion by tickling. I fended him off by attacking him with a nectarine).

Can you imagine me as a talk show host? Look out, Oprah!

P.S. For those of you who get bright ideas. Don't ever tickle me. I'm one of those people who is painfully ticklish, and have been known to do anything to escape tickling. I would hate to have to dispose of your body (even though my roomates have established that I have the best car for stuffing bodies in the trunk!)

P.P.S. I broke 250 with my tour today! 254 people have taken my campus tour this semester. Hopefully I'll break 300 before semester's end.

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