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Advertising, Schmadvertising

Okay we know advertising is extremely sexual, but who would have thought? koapthesql posted the sloganizer, a website that puts any word into popular ad slogans. Here I present my top 10 for my user name.

10. Top Breeders recommend hapgood---It's nice to know I even have word of mouth among the hetero set
9. hapgood-lickin' good---This one speaks for itself
8. Obey your hapgood---If only people would take this to heart
7. Don't you just love being in hapgood?---Lube is our friend
6. When you've got hapgood, flaunt it---Ego trip now boarding, track six
5. The too good to hurry hapgood---I feel like Barry White
4. Naughty, but hapgood---Isn't this redundant?
3. Just do hapgood---simple, but elegant
2. hapgood-The best a man can get---I didn't think I would have found one better than this, but . . .
1. It takes a tough man to make a tender hapgood---Hmm, did it just get warmer in here?

Who's up for a little truth in advertising?

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