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Crisis at the center

I'm so confused. Advise me.
I don't know if I mentioned it, but I was offered a full time position with residential, and I don't know what to do. I feel a poll coming on, but first, let me help you offer an informed opinion

Mental Health Technician (my current position)
---Looks good on my resume, as it is more applicable experience for my career goals. I'm really not growing anymore in the position, so it really isn't a matter of having more to learn
---I get a 3% raise next month
---I get to make my own schedule, as long as my co-workers don't screw me, which is happening more and more often lately
---I've been getting 40 hours a week right now, but as a PT1, am only guaranteed 28.
---I'm really good at my job and have the respect of my peers, and the entire agency.

AFC position
---It's more work(it's an adult foster care position)
---it's more money, only about $20 more a week, after my 3% raise, but I would be eligible for overtime (which Laura says is very available)
---It's the same schedule every week, not counting any overtime I would pick up. S-M-T-W 11p-9a, which works really well with my school schedule.
---I would get full time benefits. Our health insurance is shit, but it's better than the NOTHING I have right now. I would also get more personal hours(3.4 as opposed to 1.7) each pay period, enough to let me take 2 weeks vacation a year.
---It would be really easy to work this job until I finish my Master's, even though it means another couple years as a poor college student

Okay it's time for a poll!
Poll #76809 Should I stay or should I go now?

What should I do with my job situation?

Stay as MHT
Go for the AFC position
Stay as MHT, but actively job hunt (you can work full time and pursue your master's)
Take the AFC position, but still actively job hunt

Is it morally wrong to take the AFC position, but still look for another job (which is the way I'm leaning right now)


Am I just doing this to get away from my job? I've never worked a job longer than 2 yrs 3 months 4 days, and we are getting close to that point.


Any words of wisdom?


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