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Ground and center, now begin

One of those surveys that have been floating around

1. If you could have a new name, what would it be? I really like my name, but I could go with the name of my boychild (if I ever have one), Bastion.
2. What was/is your favorite 80's band? It changes, probably the Bangles at the moment
3. Describe your ideal man (and I want the good stuff, not just "funny with a good smile" crap) I want someone who wants to share a life with me, who values my interests but has interests of his own that I will, in turn, respect. We'll challenge and compliment each other. He will not be a parent-type partner, always leading, and will not expect me to be either. Of course, it would be nice if he were domineering in the bedroom(whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks!)! Physically, he will not be thin, unless he's John Cameron Mitchell, and will probably have red hair (my kryptonite!). He will like to sing. He will most definitely like to sing.
4. Where do you clip your finger/toenails? On my bed, or on the couch. Any place where I can sit down and easily find any clippings that try to get away.
5. Have you ever stolen anything (other than office supplies)?Not in a long time (nervous grin)
6. If you had an exhibit of your "work" at a local museum, what would be in it? Stills or CDs of performances.
7. What is the worst movie you have ever seen? Blair Witch Project
8. What is your ideal job? Musical Theater Critic? Perfomer?
9. Who do you think will win Survivor Thailand? That one guy, with the things (I don't watch)
10. If you had to pick a slogan for you and your life (something already used, or something you made up), what would it be? If you're not yourself, who will be? ---Sabrina Ward Harrison

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