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Masters of the Universe

Lots of posts, in one convenient package!

-In theories last night, we had a group therapy demonstration. Youth offenders from NaCOMIS (have no idea how to really spell the acronym, but that's my best guess) came down and did their best to pretend that they weren't surrounded by about fifty counselor wannabes. It was amazing. At first, I was put off by their use of therapy jargon, as it seemed to be overintellectualization. As someone who strongly identifies as a Cognitive-Behavioral therapist, this isn't a thought I should be having. Processing my feelings, I've decided that it's just one of the few hangovers I have from living in a society that views therapy as a tool for the flawed. It will pass. The men did a lot of work and growing together in a fifty-minute group. I wonder if that's a population I'll ever me comfortable working with?

-I realized this morning that I name many of my journal posts like star trek episodes, the "relate it to the topic but make it more melodramatic" convention (this subject relates to the men in the therapy group). Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, I guess. I laugh to look back at some of my old subjects in the livejournal calendar, trying to imagine what a star trek episode with that title would be about! A little pre-Coming out day whoring would definitely be a Voyager episode featuring Tom and Chakotay running the Captain Proton holodeck program(Chakotay as Chaotica, Satan's Robot outfitted in leather drag). Excuse me while I wipe my chin!

-For those who caught the post a couple of weeks ago about my drunken confession (when I woke up and realized that I had committed JWI(journaling while intoxicated), it "mysteriously" disappeared), the object of the confession and I hung out last night. Things are cool, and The Brass is a good time on a Tuesday night(Michigan Microbrews, $2!). I let myself see his flaws now, which is definitely good; he'll make a better friend that way. Not that he still isn't completely lovable, but I'll get over that eventually.

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