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The synchronicity of Dar

Okay, this is getting a little weird.

I'm falling in love with Dar Williams, and now she seems to be everywhere. Someone posts about her new album, shortly thereafter, someone else puts up pics of her at a concert. This is after a random encounter with some high school friends who ask me if I've heard her stuff, when I happen to have the mix that the now LJdeceased mslinds007 made for me in my car.

Listening to Playing to the Firmament is like standing outside in early summer, after the rain, when it's warm enough to not need shoes or a jacket but not be hot, feeling the warm breeze support you and wishing that you were crying so you could feel the wind dry the tears off your cheeks. It's that good.

The fact that this is the memory I always associate with the song (it happened in high school) and that her new album is The Beauty of the Rain is even more synchronistic.

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