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Cruelly unusual: a tirade

The facts
1. When I commit to a television show, I'm seriously addicted.
2. I enjoy several tv shows on premium channels, where the series have shortened (by major network standards) seasons which start at odd times of the year.

With that said . . .<tirade>
Six Feet Under needs to knock it the fuck off with its teaser commercials, emails, etc. One more message saying that SFU is coming "soon", and I won't stop screaming until it actually premieres. "Soon" is not acceptable. I need dates and times, like "Six Feet Under will be premiering on Feb 18, 2003 at 7:23 p.m.. You have approximately 88,000 seconds left until the premiere" In my irritation, I actually took the time to estimate the math. Does that tell you how much this bothers me? At least Voyager is in a vein of great episodes right now, so I don't go completely off my rocker.

It's not like they built the greatest cliffhanger, or anything (yeah, right, like they are really going to kill Nate. He's too cute to die), but I miss the show.


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