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Oh look, it's another Dar post

I posted this to theothers, but I wanted to share it here, too. mister_biv, do you want a copy? It has the boobie song!

For my travel time on Christmas morning, I created my first Dar greatest hits CD. Thought I would share the list with you.

aDARation (think adoration) December 22, 2002 (it's dated because I know it will change as I get to know more of Dar's stuff, and I plan on making a series of these)

1. and a god descended
2. as cool as I am
3. better things
4. calling the moon
5. dangling conversation
6. family
7. february
8. iowa
9. I won't be your Yoko Ono
10. my friends
11. party generation
12. playing to the firmament
13. road buddy
14. spring street
15. the ocean
16. this was pompeii
17. we learned the sea
18. what do you hear in these sounds?
19. you're aging well

I couldn't decide on an order to put the tracks in, so I went with alphabetical to mix it up a little.

opinion time. What are your top three Dar songs? At the moment, mine would be Firmament, February, and Cool as I am, as these three seem to be on permanent rotation in my head.

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