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I've said that there isn't a straight bone in my body, but there must be a straight gland or molar hiding somewhere. I was offered the opportunity to ride a Zamboni* last night, and I reacted like a four year old at Christmas.

It was so cool. Of course, when I was actually riding the Zamboni, I felt like Miss America on her float, which goes to show that the gay parts of me were all about it, too.

Sitting up there with neblina456 and kmaust, with annienialle and rugbynut2 cheering us from the sidelines was one of the greatest times of college. Too bad mister_biv, curlycutie, and scurtigirl1 decided to stay at karaoke instead of coming with us. **

* For those who don't live in parts of the world where ice sports are worshipped, a Zamboni is the machine they use to groom the ice.
**non lj-people were involved in both activities, but since this is LJ, they shall go unnamed.

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