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An answer, a pic, and some random thoughts

The answer to my photo quiz (drum roll, please) is The Miracle Worker. Congrats to coell, reeselove, and mister_biv for getting the correct answer. To be fair, I have to point out that Roy and Theresa were with me when the photo was taken. I'm imitating Helen in the dining room; the jugs of water are a shout out to the whole Wah-Wah thing. Loved all the people who went for the jugs comments/jokes. Did anyone find the rollover clue?

Since there is interest in the pics, here is a picture of Roy as Royrella, Cinder's transgender persona.
Bitch betta scrub that rug! Look out for the Meijer employee!

Other thoughts
I'm living with Jason and Laura again next year, since Melissa is transferring to Western. This is the scariest pic I had of them, taken at Halloween.
and you thought the real Britney was scary!
Jason would never make it as a drag queen, as he doesn't know how to properly shape his breasts!

My presentations went well yesterday. First one was rough, but the other two were great. When I came home, I made the mistake of laying down with the cat. I slept right through my first class and part of my second. Monette actually took a nap with me! It was cool.

Got to talk curlycutie up for the children's counseling position. Hopefully, I can talk to Al about it again today. Get that resume ready Kristen-Uh!

New Six Feet Under is so close, I'm getting antsy. I'm excited for new Queer as Folk, too, but while QAF is good, SFU blows it out of the water. I need a kickass SFU icon. Anyone have one they can donate to me?

Did you hear about Nell Carter dying? That makes me sad, because I wanted her to do a CD. I feel that steffer71 is now obligated to learn "Mean to Me".

Time to nap do homework work. To quote the immortal Paul Harvey(do you think he and Dick Clark are the same person?) Good Day.

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