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The power of television, sponsored by synchronicity

I’ve been hanging out with my oldest obsession lately.

I’ve been watching Melrose Place.
Like any other gateway drug, it altered my chemistry, making me more open to other intoxicants. When it was no longer satisfying, I went hunting a better “fix”. Picket Fences, Star Trek: Voyager, and Sex and the City are just a few of the “friends” that Melrose Place hooked me up with.

With this on my mind, I read Richard’s post about his favorite Whitney Houston songs. Topping his list was I Have Nothing. Suddenly, I was a sophomore again.

In high school, I was so highly strung that the only way I would get to sleep at night was to imagine myself as a character in a book or a TV show. I think you see where this is going. It wasn’t long before I moved into 4616 Melrose Place and fell in love with Matt. The soundtrack of our tryst? Saved the Best for Last by Vanessa Williams and I Have Nothing by Miss Whitney, herself.

Sometimes, I try my old fantasy trick, but it never works anymore. Maybe I’ve forgotten how to truly let go and slip into unreality; maybe it’s that my life is so much better now that I’m no longer as ready to run away from it. I may no longer need to be a Melrose Resident or a Valdemaran Herald, but I still miss it sometimes.

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