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A chorus line moment

I didn't get the job in Admissions. When asked, they said I wasn't lacking anything, the other person just had "more". I feel good about it, I'm just grieving it a little right now.

At least my stuff is done for audit, so I can get away with doing nothing the rest of the week day.

Picked up the Voyager relaunch book last night. It's okay so far.


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Jun. 19th, 2003 08:11 am (UTC)
I'm sorry you didn't get the job.

It's great that you feel good about it.


Jun. 19th, 2003 09:46 am (UTC)
Sorry to hear you didn't get the job Stewart. It can only mean there's something better out there waiting for you.
Jun. 19th, 2003 11:24 am (UTC)
Why on earth haven't we met up yet? This is crazy! I'm thinking of maybe seeing the Hulk sometime this weekend if you'd like to join me. Maybe even tonight if there is a midnight show. hmm...I'll call you when/if I go, but if you don't hear from me give me a call or something! I work 40 hrs this week and next, and am out of town next weekend, but I'm sure we can find some time. Maybe go out walking or something. I could use the exercise.
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