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Thoughts for a Friday

Counseling appointment this morning was kind of frustrating, I don't know if the counselor and I are working toward the same end point. JoAnne, my fellow youth counselor, is picking on me for it, since it's only the third session. I NEVER said I was a patient person. I'll give it time.

and now the real reason I'm posting. I want to discuss a theory about Queer as Folk

I think Stockwell killed Jason Kemp.

Wait, hear me out.

There is something more there than just the guy being a cop and Stockwell's former partner. It doesn't feel right somehow.

Potential theories

1. Stockwell found out that his partner was gay, caught him with Jason Kemp, and killed the boy. Ashamed, Rykert (or whatever his name is) leaves the force.

2. Stockwell and his partner were partners in the more sexual traditional sense. Stockwell caught him cheating, and killed Jason in a jealous rage.

It just seems to make sense, from the way Stockwell looked at Bryan in some of the episodes, from the way Stockwell reacted when his aide told him Bryan was gay ("I trusted you").

What do you think? JoAnne, fellow QAF junkie, doesn't agree.


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Jun. 20th, 2003 09:52 am (UTC)
This might be a far fetched idea but this is what I think will happen. *rolls eyes*

Stockwell fueled with anger over the possibility of being outed and losing the mayoral race by the ever so lovable yet meddlesome queer as folk boys he fashions a bomb and hides it in a backroom in a local gay club, to finally rid the city of dirty dirty homos. Now it's up to Brian and Justin to find the bomb but not before fucking in every backroom and defuse it before it destroys Liberty Ave.

Will they fuck in the right backroom at the right club, will they finish before the bomb goes off, will they live to hump another day....STAY TUNED!!!
Jun. 20th, 2003 10:20 am (UTC)
and I picture this cliff hanger where Brian is taped to a chair(or maybe Justin), with Stockwell planning to kill him. End of season.
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