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It's not a comeback, it's a return

yeah, I'm pretty sure I've used that subject line before, but it fits.

My hours are being split between the phone room and RYS starting a week from monday. So far, it's not so bad, I'm losing just over $100 gross, per pay. 28 hours in RYS, 12 in the Crisis Center. Hopefully, this will hold out, but I can't see Al or Don being kind where "budget" matters are concerned. We just bought a color laser printer because Don wanted one, but I can't keep 40 hours in RYS. At least I'm still making a nice amount more than my straight Phone Room pay; 25 hours in RYS equal 40 in the Phone Room.

This is fate telling me to get a new job. Who wants to hire me? I'm fun, I do good work (I have a slight tendency to slack, but I do well with a little supervision), and I'm fun. What else do you need?

Hire me. I'm not kidding. Well, not much.

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