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Falling to pieces, 100 of them

mister_biv took a challenge to post 100 facts about himself, and I feel a bit lemmingesque tonight, so here I go.

100 facts you may or may not know (or care) about me

1. Today is my dear kitten Monette's birthday
2. He is one year old
3. If my digital camera had shipped on time (damn Gazma.com), I would be posting pictures of him in a birthday hat
4. I will probably make him wear a birthday hat for photo op whenever the camera does decide to show up.
5. I have recently adopted two cats from the shelter, so he will have friends to play with (Sterling went home)
6. Owning three cats makes me feel like a spinster in training
7. Which kind of makes sense, since I keep falling in love with straight boys
8. I seem to have a thing for boys named Ben (not as bad as I used to be, but still)
9. and for men with red hair.
10. I'm currently listening to a Dar Williams song, who is my current musical obsession
11. Unfortunately, all of my Dar cds were stolen out of my car on Wednesday, with about $300 in other cds (those case logic things hold a lot of discs)
12. Since I love music, this has made me very bitchy the last few days.
13. I am in a Counseling Master's program
14. For a counelor in training, I have a noticeable external locus of control
15. Which means I trust in fate, destiny, whatever, more often than most
16. I crave a spiritual identity, but find most organized religion offensive
17. So I study stuff like Tarot and Kabbaleh and Yoga
18. I have a very short attention span, so my spiritual education is, at best, sporadic
19. I've always seen myself as a social creature, but I'm spending a lot of time alone this summer
20. I'm hating spending time alone.
21. I don't match socks anymore
22. I just leave them in the basket and fish out two that match every morning
23. I wear contact lenses
24. I attend Central Michigan University
25. I'm kind of getting tired of this, but I'm pushing on anyway
26. I wear size 10.5 shoes
27. I dye my hair
28. It is currently golden blonde
29. It is naturally a very dark blonde
30. I know enough about hair and beauty products that I haven't had a stylist in over 5 years who didn't ask me why I'm not a stylist
31. This makes me feel like Mr. Stereotype Gay Man
32. except I'm neither beautiful or muscular
33. To add to my stereotypical behavior, I'm also an avid musical theater fan
34. I hate the musical Cats more than I dislike George W Bush
35. I should be able to count that last one as two
36. I would have sex with Stephen Sondheim, because I would feel obligated to him for giving the world such awesome shows
37. I am a Leo
38. I actually read my horoscope (see #14/15)
39. I keep fortune cookie fortunes that I like
40. I've recently stopped biting my nails
41. It is weird having nails for the first time in my life.
42. I got one stuck in the zipper of my shorts the other day.
43. Talking about my nails makes me want to bite them, so I'm moving on
44. I like role playing video games
45. Especially Final Fantasy titles (IV and X are my favorites)
46. I've recently moved
47. I doubt I'll unpack at least 1/3 of my shit, ever
48. I'm such a pack rat, I'm a garage sale in denial
49. I have brown eyes
50. I have 4 siblings, 2 step siblings, and 2 ex step siblings
51. None of my siblings share a father
52. I've never met my oldest sibling, jonathan
53. I like to sing
54. I used to be a vocal performance major
55. I would like to finish it someday
56. My mother is a lesbian, so we joke that we are a living example for the biological argument of homosexuality
57. I've known how to crochet since middle school
58. and I still do it on occaison
59. I've never lived outside of Michigan
60. I can't wait until I can no longer say that
61. I've always wanted to take a ballet class
62. I feel obligated to reference #31 again here
63. I am an amateur photographer
64. My camera, just like my car, is nicknamed the Beast
65. I drive an 88 olds 88
66. I love it, but would love it more if it weren't on its last legs
67. I work on a crisis phone line
68. At just over three years, this is the longest I've ever worked one job
69. I did this birthday horoscope/quiz today, and this is what it said about me:
Of rare beauty
knows how to adapt
likes luxury
of good health not in the least shy
tends to look down on others
wants to impress others
many talents
healthy optimism
waiting for the one true love
able to make quick decisions.
70. I find it eerily accurate (you can find it here.
71. I just did it again for today's date for Monette.
72. It isn't as descriptive for him
73. Except for "cultivated airs" "moody" and "stubborn"; he has those in abundance
74. But then again, doesn't every cat?
75. I love movies
76. I love movie quotes
77. As an ENFP, I usually don't get the quote exactly right
78. I spent eight years working on my undergraduate degree
79. I'm being climbed by the kitten right this second
80. I can't wait until she is old enough to declaw (anyone want to borrow her for 4 months or so?)
81. I'm going to sleep now, I'll finish this tomorrow
82. I'm awake again
83. I love fantasy novels
84. I also love young adult novels, as they are often more tightly written than "adult" novels
85. I only use the bigger plastic hangers
86. Which kind of makes me feel like Joan Crawford
87. I was hit by a car in the third grade
88. It was completely my fault, I was crossing against the light
89. I also had a major ankle sprain later that year (1986)
90. I'm obsessed with the number three
91. Which is ironic, since 1986 is divisible by three
92. I hate bananas
93. I think Vernor's is the best pop ever
94.I bet you're saying "What's Vernor's?" if you're not from Michigan
95. I worshipped Debbie Gibson when I was young
96. Which is only relevent since I'm currently listening to Electric Youth
97. I have a favorite brand of toothbrush
98. I don't like lima beans
99. But I love brussel sprouts
100. I'm going back to bed for another hour of so

so there it is.

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