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Let's vote on it!

HBO is running a poll for the best Sex and the City episode ever. vote here

My plug. Please vote for My Motherboard, Myself. There are very few episodes that have made me cry; this one has me crying one minute, laughing hysterically the next. A few quotes (of the non-spoiler variety) to act as a refresher/teaser.

That's the meanest thing you've ever said to me, Charlotte.
and there, in the dressing room, Miranda found the support she needed.
I wanted them to say 'we're so sorry for your loss' not 'you're dead, let's disco' (okay, that one is a little bit spoilerish)

I guess these are only funny if you've seen the episode.

Update: How can Motherboard be losing to heart NY???!!!!$#(? Motherboard is a homerun for all four girls, the best ensemble episode ever. (end rant) I'm going to watch motherboard now, to send some good vibes into the world.

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