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Thoughts and what not from the past few days

Hell yeah, semester break is here. Time to catch up on the last few days.

First, this whole Saddam thing. I guess they've caught him, and I need to remember to be happy about that. He is an evil person who has done horrible things, and it isn't his fault that another evil man chose to make him a media target to create popular feelings and to change the face of the America in his own ignorant image. The enemy of my enemy is a friend, after all. Do you think Daddy or Jeb ever caught him wearing Momma's signature pearls?

Anyway, enough anti-bush tirade. Let's catch up some more

Last Thursday was Misty's (neblina456) going away party. Misty is old school, like me. We became RAs at the same time. It's hard to see her go. She wrote me this card that made me cry when I read it at the party. I haven't reread it yet, because I know it will make me cry again. Have a awesome time student teaching, girl.

Got in a fight (verbal) with my roommate yesterday. I was being bitchy toward him, so he went off. I stand by my bitchiness, however. He, Shawn, and Michael went out the night before and got way drunk. Michael came back with a sprained wrist, Jason blacked out, and I believe they all puked at least once. Since a friend of ours was arrested for drunk driving a week ago, alcohol has been on my mind, so when they started talking about their exploits from Friday night, plus some truly "fine" highlights of years past, I started to mock them. I've come to the conclusion that we enable behavior way too often for each other, and I'm done. After he went off at me, and I yelled back at him about why I was doing it, he got over it pretty quick. Back to abnormal in the Forum.

That's enough for now. Chrissy (curlycutie) and I are all pumped to watch the last half of Angels in America tonight. woo hoo.

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