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First time for everything

So I watched World Idol. I've only seen about ten minutes of one episode before this, so this was my Idol cherry.

I voted for Kurt and for Ryan. Both of them had small strikes against them (too much eyes closed action versus that odd fast vibrato) but they were the two I liked the most. I would have voted for Will or Guy, but I hated the arrangements of their songs so much that I couldn't get into them at all.

The winners in the If I Were Watching With The Volume Off category are Heinz and Will together (yeah, baby, together!!!) I usually don't go for pretty boys, but I couldn't look away when either were on.

. . . and Kelly. I thought she was amazing, the best one up there (I have a feeling that Will is just as good, but for that arrangement). A little too much goose-like neck action at the end of her song, but I was still blown away.

Other thoughts that popped up while watching
-That movie Win a date with Tad Hamilton looks really cute. Can't wait to see it.
-Did you catch Kate Mulgrew's voice in the Ford Freestar commercial? Kick Ass!!! Which van did Leonard Nemoy support back in the day?
-Did you catch that Fuji digicam commercial? Something about that lady reminds me of Madeline Kahn, which is a very good thing in my book. I love and miss her.

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