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The middle of nowhere blues

So, I went to Meijer at midnight to buy CDs. My friends Karlee, Mike, and I get there, and wait. Obviously, in Meijer standard time, 12:10 EDT is midnight. Ugg.

No Lisa Loeb. Sigh. At least they had Alanis. Mike wanted a copy of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which they also did not have.

But wait, here's the truly stupid part. Mike and Karlee, in their infinite wisdom, suggest going to the ALMA meijer to see if they had it. I was instantly skeptical, as why would ALMA have a meijer, and if they did, what are the chances of them carrying something that Mt P doesn't have? Mt P only has like 3 or 4 times the population of Alma. Assured by them that there was, in fact, an alma meijer, driven by lisa lust, I agree to go.

Needless to say, ALMA HAS NO MEIJER. The only thing open in the town is the BP. And the attendant didn't even have a Brit accent (I'm convinced that if you are going to put the word British in your business name, your employees should speak with the accent).

I still love them. It was too much fun, anyway. We found the one alma cop, got to see where Karlee works, and mocked the entire town. Every time I bitch that living in Mt P sucks, remind me that I could have gone to Alma College, where you have to come to Mt P for virtually everything.

Well, I really want to make my 8 o clock for the first time in two weeks, so I'm off to bed.

big, sloppy kisses to y'all

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