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Standing on the Precipice

I need to cry.

Not for any real reason. I watched DS9, The Siege of AR-558, and that made me well up (but not cry). Then I was listening to Wicked, the song For Good, which also made me well up.

It's like feeling a sneeze coming on and then losing it. I need my sneeze, dammit!

I don't have a single tearjerker strong enough to reach cathartic orgasm. Miss Saigon was in the cds stolen, so was Ragtime. Liz has SATC season 4, so no My Motherboard, My Self. I really wish I had bought Steel Magnolias the other day. I'm even willing to pull out the big guns, and rent My Girl if I need to. Something's got to be done.

At least I have Twinet's class tonight. That will make me cry in frustration, at least.


Jan. 29th, 2004 10:18 pm (UTC)
I watched the Buffy episode where her mom dies twice (first the normal way, and then the second time with the writer/director commentary turned on) and cried like a baby.

I've been meaning to go see Wicked, but I've just been too lazy.