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Help me personalize my iPod!

I'm getting ready to order my iPod in the next week or so, now that I'm almost done putting my current cds into iTunes (more on that when I'm done). I've decided to order from the Apple.com website, because they are offering free laser engraving right now, and I couldn't find any real discount on one anywhere, so I might as well buy direct from Apple.

I need your help with the inscription. I don't know what I want it to say. My name would nice for safety, but I'd like to be more creative than that. You get two lines of engraving, no more than 27 characters each. I just checked out a website for music quotes, but I also want to look at Literature, Movies, Musicals (!!!), pretty much everywhere.

The quotes below will fit on the iPod. If you go here, you can use the apple tool to see how it will look on the iPod. I don't know if this link will work forever, but you can get to the screen by selecting an iPod from the apple.com store.

if you're not yourself, who
will be?-s ward harrison
It's cruel music should
be so beautiful --- Britten
I think music in itself
is healing --- Billy Joel
music is a beautiful opiate
--- Henry Miller

You learn notes to play
the music of your soul - kg
note: who's Katie Greenwood?
Music, the greatest good
that mortals know - addison
Music brings us near to
the infinite-Thomas Carlyle
Country is three chords and
the truth - Harlan Howard
note: who?
Like everything in nature
music is a becoming-Mungers
music is your own
experience - charlie parker
real musicians and real
fans stay together-b raitt
music should never be
harmless - Robbie Robertson
love is not music. music is
the best - frank zappa
the high note is not the
only thing-Placido Domingo
these, except for the Sabrina Ward Harrison quote, are all taken from this website.

Your help is very much needed and appreciated. I'm excited to hear your thoughts.

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