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Maybe I am a gold . . .

Just came in to work, the first shift since the Scabies Scare***. The new furniture is in the TV room, but we still had a rollaway bed and a bunch of other shit out of place.

and I couldn't stand it. I'm still irritated, and I have it all put away, everything is back to normal. I even moved the clipboards and stuff back from where curlycutie had them, to see if that would help me feel less uptight about this. I never suspected that I would be like this. I guess, after almost four years here, I'm used to having everything organized.

***for those that aren't my co-workers or haven't been subjected to this story, one of my co-workers believes she has been bitten by scabies or some other scary bug while sleeping on our couch. Friday, our supervisor and her supervisor decided that an infestation really did exist, and proceeded to throw out the furniture and purchase new. As none of the rest of the staff, including myself, have been "bitten" I believe she has just been getting hives or something.

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