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school: look out, little children

here I come.

Remember when I said I had to go take the MTTC Guidance Counselor examination? And that I hoped the Standardized Test Gods smiled upon me?

They were grinnin' like fiends (sorry. I can't even type hip-hop, my nizzles)

Test Date: 01/10/2004



Test: 051 Guidance Counselor
Status: Pass
Total Score: 268
Minimum Passing Score: 220

Of course, I'm now irritated that I answered 16 of the 150 questions incorrectly. I looked at the study guide for less than fifteen minutes! I need to take a laxative, or something.

What should I do to celebrate the State of Michigan saying I'm smart enough to work with small Michiganders? I think I'll have some ice cream, for starters.

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