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mp: day one is nothing but fun

Trying to do Julia Cameron's morning pages again. Instead of doing them on paper, and three pages worth, I'm going to do them here, for twenty minutes. This is pretty SOC, so I'll LJ cut it (probably going to be to tangential to read as a post)

okay, so it begins. It has been a long time since I have done morning pages. I'm going to make every effort to not backspace and correct errors. Yeah, I mean it. Yet, I'm still backspacing and fixing my little typographical things I do all the time. We'll see where I'll compromise at. if this doesn't work, I can always go back to doing them by paper, and set the twenty minute time limit. It really was a pain when I didn't know how long it was going to take me to write my three pages. Usually about thirty-five minutes, and I really have a hard time finding that big of a block of time in the morning. I should be able to make time for twenty minutes every day. It's three less snooze bars. I can live without three snooze bars right? I got by with one this morning, which is a record of recent time for me. I can do this. What else is on my mind this morning? my stomach ache. It looks like I'm going to get to find out what vitamin c overdose looks like. When I took the last pill last night, I felt my stomach start to knot about twenty minutes later. It is still hurting this morning. Guess I'll have to flush it all out. It better take my cold with it. I've traded one form of discomfort for another, and learned my lesson in the process. hopefully it will be a trade, and not just a stomach ache on top of my developing cold. I hate winter. It hasn't been above freezing since January 4. I wonder how long I will be able to say that. If I still am mentioning jan 4 in March, or April, I will go crazy. I'm sick of the bone chill. I slept with my window open last night, though. when I went to bed, I realized that Laura had the heat way too high to sleep in, so I had to do something. This is going well. these could work. They will help my typing skills, too. They continue to get worse, every since I stopped working at the post office. Having to type 24 hours a week really hones a skill. I hardly use it anymore. Well, that's not true, I just use it for short bursts. This longer burst will really help me find my typing rhythm. What a funny word to type. never really noticed. Do I really want to learn dvorak? I don't have the post office to learn at anymore, which makes a difference. I couldn't touch type before that job, and I doubt I would make the time to practice. It would be nice to find a keyboard that is doubly labeled though. qwerty in one color, dvorak in another. That way, I could just switch the type in windows and be able to check it out. I wonder how fast I would type on that keyboard? at first, it would be slower, but it would be nice to work on a system designed for speed instead of one designed to sloww you down. Now I'm getting beetter at letting my mistakes sit. We'll see if I can keep it up. I wonder how much time I have left. No, just trust in the timer. It is much easier for me to do stream of consciousness on the computer. It just lends itself more to my personality. I can think one character at a time on the computer, where on paper it is more about the formation of whole ideas. This could be very beneficial. I haven't changed paragraphs yet. This will be very hard for me to read later. What else is on my mind?
Weight loss. I'm starting again on Thursday, that way I can have stuff at bdubbs with cynthia and not have to worry about it. I have four days to get my mind straight and on the diet path. I need to give myself at least two weeks of Atkins without a break. my dress clothes are too tight, and I'm sick of wearing my fat pants to my internship. They are nice pants, but I like the way the chinos fit better. It will be nice to lost forty or so pounds, to start. Ideally, I will drop 100, which would be perfect. One hundred pounds, less than it sounds. Not really, but I wanted to make the song and dance reference, even though it is 1000, not 100. Who really cares but me? Should I leave comments on this post? Probably. No one will read it. It is soc, which would send people into fits. Who wants to read someone else's unmonitored thoughts? I don't. i love to read the posts where people take the time to reflect and build something. This is just twenty minutes of mind dump. I forgot that the timer beeps at ten and five minutes. At leasst I know I'm over half way done, and can keep pushing on. I have a lot of time left. This is the best time of the morning pages, when you start to mine the crap out. five minutes left. I can push on to the end. I need to get
Actually, new paragraph. I need to get my shit done for Wendy. My plan b proposal is so overdue, and she won't let me take my plan b this semester if I don't start moving on it. I will work thirty minutes, at least, on my stuff for her today. That and do two bibs for sherene. I can do this. It isn't hard. Find stuff you love to talk about. I will also make copies of stat stuff today, even if I have to stay after work to find it. It will take me less than one hour. Ugh, I don't want to work today. Why did I sign up to make myself the monday bitch? I think Layla will be in this morning, though, so it should be nice. I wonder if I can get her to let me have the main desk. I can't live without the computer! How would I keep up on LJ and my email. Like I get paid to do that. It is a nice perk, though. Need to talk to the roommates about bills. Since we all have cell phones now, should we cancel home phone? I'm trying to think about how much we use it, who doesn't have our cell phones. It will be odd. I know work doesn't have my cell, so I would have to dig that out for them. Why dig? I'm getting distracted. We could make it work though, and that 52 dollars that we wouldn't be spending. I wonder if I could give up tv? I could give up HBO after SATC is done. What about SFU? I would miss that, definitely. But we have no idea when that is coming back.
and time. pencils down class.

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