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d2d: attempting to soar (and a bone in my craw)

Had to take flyers to several offices out at the tribe and the casino (hence the bad pun in the subject line) for my internship. Spent forever trying to find the OTHER montessori school, and, when I finally did, realized it was closed (all of Sag-Chip Academy was closed for weather today). Grr, I'll pop out there tomorrow to drop them off. I'll call first.

Since I had to go to Tribal Police, also, I started thinking about a stat someone shared with me the other day.

Mount Pleasant, Michigan has the second highest police per capita in the country.

Las Vegas has the first.

How effed up is that? Mt P has approx 28,000 residents, 19,000 students (seasonal), and assorted tourists that visit the casino. We are policed by a local state police post, the county sheriff, the city police, the tribal police, and the CMU police. Someone also told me once that we officially fall under jurisdiction of border patrol because Michigan shares a border with Canada.

Yeah, because we needed another policing authority.

What I don't get is how we are still only the second safest campus in Michigan (is this still true?), behind Northern? Who needs cops when you have snow, I guess.

Karaoke with mister_biv tonight (I imagine other will also be joining us). Fun times.

And my vaginal valentine, coell, may be visiting tomorrow. Fun Times.

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