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mp: Why do I choose to have cats?

Cats decided that 515a was the perfect time to play. I finally gave up and got out of bed. Nothing like a head start on the day. Nothing like an hour of sleep, either.

the computer is still doing the whole screwy capitalization thing. For a while, I thought it was a kazaa related thing. But I guess not, since Kazaa isn’t open right now. Can it be an iTunes related thing? I don’t know. I’m still leaning toward the keyboard being bunk. Or is that bunct? Isn’t it a form of debunct? Well, Word isn’t finding that to be a word, so I will have to look into it later. For better or worse, it is now part of my morning page. Class was boring last night, at least I don’t have either class next Thursday, kind of a half way to spring break break. It’s a fast moving semester.
It’s nice to see that it’s still light out at 6p. We are moving back out of the hole that is winter in Michigan. Finally. I’m sick of the cold and snow. On Saturday, it is supposed to have a low temp of -13. The high is decent, so I wonder what is coming through to cause that. I’ll try to find out today. What else is on your mind, Stewart? I just don’t know.
I’m glad I got to spend time with Cynthia. It was a nice visit, even if we didn’t get any photoshop stuff done. For all that we spent most of the time together, she was playing video games, and I was still working on the iTunes project. I’m starting to think I’ll never be done. I have the final set of songs converting down to 128 bps format, which will let me put a shit more music into the iPod. After that, I have to go through other music and see what I want to integrate into my permanent collection, things from the music store and what not. Which will also take time. I have a lot of raw stuff that I haven’t checked for quality yet. I should just pitch it all. Just under 7000 songs should be enough for anybody. I still haven’t bought Melissa Etheridge yet. I will have to go today to get it. When does new Indigo Girls come out? It either just did, or will in the next month. Something to do after I finish these. New Alanis Morrisette on May 18, which is Melissa’s birthday. Interesting coincidence. Not really, I guess. We all get our chance at a Tuesday birthday. I don’t really want to say that there is a strong connection between Alanis and Melissa, even though M did go through an angry phase around the time of Jagged Little Pill.
Need to brush up on my Genogram skills. I plan on using one in session next week to help illustrate some family connections. I’m wondering if we have any intergenerational transmission. We’ll see. Fun times. I feel so technical when I break out my toys.
Half way done. Feels awkward this morning. I always say I’m tired in these things, but today I really am. Will probably need caffeine to get started this morning. Maybe even a coke. Got to make it last, because day is the last day before Atkins. I don’t work all weekend, so I have plenty of time to prepare meals and ride out my blood sugar dropping. I really need to blow my nose. I wish I could pause the kitchen timer. I also wish Luna would stop whining at me. She wants to be pet, but I need both hands to type. She can get through eight more minutes, and so can my nose. She just walked away. Good. Now, if my nose would take a walk. They must be out of food. She’s whining from the kitchen. I guess that would be IN the kitchen, not from. Oh well, it’s just a morning page. Getting the shit out. I really like this system. I was kind of weird about letting people read them, especially since it is a big no-no in Julia Cameron’s view, but I don’t really feel the need to make them private entries. If I ever feel that I’m editing for an audience, that will be a sign to switch to private. Something to think about anyway.
No Good Deed is stuck in my head. No, actually, just Elphaba screaming Fiyero’s name is stuck in my head. Odd, but understandable. It is an emotional climax of the song.
Five minutes. What to write in five minutes. What am I feeling? A call to action, to get some shit done. I have a pile of stuff to be photocopied at work. Need to remember to take it all with me tonight. I also need to get papers written this weekend. What else? Want to run to the library and Foust today to grab that parenting book and to apply to graduate. I wonder how much the fee is for grad students? Probably just as much as it was for undergrads. Who am I kidding, it will probably be more. They always find a way to make it more. I’m applying for May graduation, but I can always change it if I decide not to walk. I need to see who’s graduating, and who plans on walking. I will participate where I have the largest number of colleagues. I know Whitney is done in August, but Nicole is done in May. I have to see when Robin is. I’m almost positive that Chrissy is done in August, unless she gets shitload of clients right now. I had this urge to take another class the other day. Yes, I remember now. An Advanced Practicum. I would have to see who’s teaching. I would love to take one with Joan. I could learn a lot from Twinet, too. Having Dr. Farrar’s kind of didn’t show us all the paperwork since he doesn’t normally teaching the class.
And time.

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