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d2d: More fun with Hot or Not

I'm feeling a little catty tonight, so I thought I'd present some awards for some special HoN players.

first, the hot guy. Caption . . .
take your aggression out on me. PLEASE!

If William Hung can do it, so can I!!!

and in the fashion corner
Look out for serial mom, bucko. Shoe/Belt clash is a capital offense.

Don't you hate when your outfit just won't come out gay enough?

You think your job dress code sucks, TIE this!

I'm a jazz musician, hipcats. If you have doubts, you can tell by the strange way I notate music

And, for those looking for love
If your ideal date ends with your dead body in a ditch, I'm your dude

for the moment


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Feb. 28th, 2004 08:34 pm (UTC)
that first fella. oh my!!
I'd let him bang me like a screen door in
a hurricane. (was that inappropriate?)
I'm trying to be as raunchy as possible to
get my point across. Wowsa!!
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