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d2d: Tell me what's goin on (oh what's goin on)

Loving the warm weather, but wishing my cold would run its course and leave me the hell alone.

I think I just summarized the last week perfectly.

I have a serious case of Medicine Head. Non-drowsy meds always screw with me more than the nighttime kind. I'll learn some year.

curlycutie's birthday is tomorrow. I still haven't heard what the plans are, though. Baited breath.

Reading the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, books. I think I've hit a lull in the series. The last one I read, Bloody Bones, kind of sucked, and this next one, The Killing Dance, doesn't seem much better. Maybe I'm just reading them too fast. I'll put this one down and read the new Mitch Albom instead.

More later when I can think through the cloud of Rite-Aid brand robutussin.

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